MJ Physio is full-service physiotherapy clinic. Whether it’s a sports injury, recovery treatment for post-surgery, car accident, or to cure a nagging injury that just won’t go away – we are here to help you. our physiotherapy clinics are located at Surrey, Vancouver, and Fleetwood.
Physiotherapy uses effects of physical modalities like heat, ice sound, light waves and exercises to produce therapeutic effects. It aims to improve a person’s ability to move and perform functional activities. Physiotherapy is a necessary component in patient care and is heavily relied on by doctors and other health professionals. A Physiotherapy visit includes a thorough examination, diagnosis, prognosis and physical intervention.
No. Physiotherapists are university trained medical professionals and primary care practitioners in BC. This means that you have direct access to physiotherapy without a doctor’s referral. In some circumstances, like certain extended health plans, a doctor or nurse practitioner referral is required to access funding. Consult your insurance provider to learn whether a referral is needed in your specific case prior to commencing treatment.

For WCB injuries a doctor referral is necessary. For ICBC Motor Vehicle Accidents, a doctor referral is not necessary for the first 20. However, continuing beyond 20 visits do need a doctor’s note.
Yes, you can definitely come and see our physiotherapist and this happens very often as most of the patients prefer their neighbourhood clinic.
You are expected to arrive 10- 15 mins prior to your appointment time to fill out paperwork. You will require to bring your
● Care Card number
● Claim number (if WSBC or ICBC)
● Doctor's referral, if applicable
● Extended Health Plan Card
● Diagnostic test results (MRI, CT scan, X-ray), if available
The first visit is for 30 -40 mins. You can come in comfortable clothing like yoga pants, shorts, t-shirt or tank top. Patient gowns are also available at the clinic to change prior to the session if need be. One of our highly trained physio will complete a thorough assessment (checking your joint range of movement, muscle strength, functional abilities, pain patterns and level). A treatment plan will be set based on your goals after the assessment.
It depends on the nature of your injury. After a thorough assessment, your physiotherapist will discuss with you the treatment plan and the number of sessions anticipated for recovery based on the scope of your recovery.
We may ask that any child below the age of 18 be accompanied by a parent to provide consent for assessment and treatment and discuss treatment goals.
We have ample parking in front of the clinic at both our Vancouver and Surrey location.
For your convenience, we are open on Saturdays. You can call us to book your appointments.
In our clinic, we cater to motor vehicle accidents, workplace injuries, and bone, joint, muscle, ligament and tendon problems as well as vestibular and concussion symptoms. If you have any questions regarding your injury and would like to know if physiotherapy can be of help, call us today for a no fee consultation.
Yes, we do have a Physiotherapist who is Master degree holders in physio and also have specialized training in IMS, Acupuncture, Concussion and vestibular rehabilitation.
When you visit the clinic, you can give your insurance information to the front desk staff, and they will be able to assist you by calling your insurance companies to get your coverage details. You can also call your insurance company to get details of your coverage.
You can cancel an appointment / reschedule your appointment with a 24-hour notice for a no obligation service. If not a nominal fee will be charged for last minute cancellations.