The Benefits of Physiotherapy for Workplace Injuries

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Every year, thousands of Canadians are injured on the job. Whether it’s a repetitive stress injury or a slip-and-fall accident, workplace injuries can have long-lasting physical and emotional consequences

Slips, trips, and falls, Falls from heights, or Overexertion & muscle strains are some of the most common causes of workplace injuries across Canada. These types of accidents cause more than 50% of all workplace injuries in Canada and can range from minor scrapes and bruises to more serious injuries such as broken bones or even paralysis. 

Whether the injury is minor or serious, the effects can be long-lasting and debilitating. Fortunately, physiotherapy has been proven to be an effective way to recover from workplace injuries. It can help reduce pain, restore function and range of motion, improve strength, and ultimately get the patient back to work quickly. Let’s explore some of the key advantages of physiotherapy for workplace injuries


Reduction in Pain and Discomfort 

Physiotherapists are highly skilled professionals who are trained to assess, diagnose, and treat musculoskeletal disorders such as those caused by workplace injuries. Through manual techniques such as massage and joint mobilization, as well as therapeutic exercises, physiotherapists can help reduce pain and discomfort associated with workplace injuries. 


Restoration of Movement 

The goal of physiotherapy is not only to reduce pain but also to increase mobility. By using specific exercises targeted at restoring range of motion and strength in an injured area, a physiotherapist can help you restore your normal function following a workplace injury. This can include activities such as lifting weights or climbing stairs – tasks that might have been difficult before treatment due to pain or limited mobility.  


Reducing Risk of Injury Recurrence 

Finally, physiotherapists help to prevent future injury by providing advice on how best to protect yourself from further harm. This includes providing tips on proper posture while sitting or standing at work or offering guidance on how best to move heavy objects safely without risking further damage, offering advice on ergonomics etc. 


Education About Injury Prevention. 

Physiotherapists may recommend certain stretches or exercises designed specifically for preventing re-injury that you can do on your own or suggest modifications to your workspace that will make it more ergonomic and less risky for further injury.


At MJ Physio Clinic, our team of highly trained physiotherapists will assess your injury and create an individualised treatment plan tailored specifically for you. Our treatment plans may include stretching exercises to increase mobility as well as strengthening exercises to build strength and endurance in affected areas. We will also provide education on proper posture and body mechanics so that you can avoid further injury while returning to work. 


In addition to traditional physiotherapy techniques such as manual therapy, massage, taping techniques, and exercise prescription, we also offer other treatments such as acupuncture and laser therapy that can help reduce inflammation and pain associated with workplace injuries. We believe in providing comprehensive care that addresses both physical and emotional aspects of an injury in order to ensure maximum recovery success. 


At MJ Physio Clinic we understand the importance of getting back into the workforce quickly after experiencing a workplace injury. Our team is here to provide personalized treatment plans that are proven to effectively treat any type of workplace injury so that you can get back on your feet as soon as possible – safely!

If you have an active WCB claim number, contact us today for more information about how we can help you recover from your injury so that you can return to work without worry!


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