Sports Physio Vancouver, Surrey, Fleetwood (Class 4 Laser Therapy)


Sports physiotherapy involve Class 4 therapeutic LASER therapy to scale back your chronic pain and acute pains. We at Mjphysio offer the service of sports physio in Vancouver, Surrey, and Fleetwood. Specific red and near-infrared wavelengths of light will be delivered to promote a photochemical reaction and therapeutic effect.

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Indications include:

Deep Tissue Laser Therapy is a process to accelerate your body’s natural healing process via photo-bio-stimulation. LASER stands for “Light Amplification for Stimulated Emission of Radiation”. Laser therapy is effective in treating chronic conditions, acute conditions, and post-surgical pain. Also, read the blog “Importance of Class 4 Laser Therapy” to know the advantages of Class 4 Laser Therapy. LASER Therapy treats the underlying condition or pathology to promote and accelerate healing resulting in effective and long-lasting pain relief. During each effortless treatment, laser vitality expands dissemination, drawing water, oxygen, and supplements to the harmed zone. This creates an optimal healing environment that reduces soreness, swelling, muscle spasms, firmness, and pain. As the affected part recovers, the function is restored and pain is relieved.
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