Active Rehabilitation


Active rehabilitation is a program in which exercise and education are the foundations for therapy. Our trained kinesiologist at MJPhysio will be conducting the Active Rehabilitation Physiotherapy Vancouver, Surrey & Fleetwood. Our kinesiologist completes a baseline assessment of your strength, flexibility on your first visit, and establish training goals. This allows our Kinesiologist to design a program that is safe and effective for you. Your program can include elements of core strengthening, postural re-education, functional training, cardiovascular endurance and flexibility, and gait training.

Active rehab Vancouver

This program is useful for individuals those involved in injuries such as a motor vehicle accident and work-related injuries. Our main goal in the Active Rehabilitation Program is to provide our clients with the increased resolution of symptoms and independence in their recovery through a repeatable structured exercise routine. This program benefits our clients to restore normal function safely and efficiently.

Active rehabilitation physiotherapy in Fleetwood, Vancouver & Surrey is an excellent medium to get a new energetic life. But, to get the most productive results, the patients need to follow all the instructions and guidelines as provided by our experts. In case of any problem, we are always there to suggest a suitable solution. So, never hesitate to reveal anything related to the health of the doctors.

Consult our physiotherapist at Active Rehabilitation Physiotherapy Vancouver, Fleetwood, and Surrey locations and get active through our excellent treatment.
Active rehab Vancouver

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