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Spinal decompression: Benefits, FAQ

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People think back pain is a very normal part of aging. At some point, it’s true, years of poor posture, stress, work injuries put up pressure on the spine. Starting your morning with pain in your lower back or neck could also be another chronic spinal condition. However, it’s not necessary to live the rest of your days with chronic aches. Back decompression treatment is the best solution to cure your chronic back pain.

At once, you might think to go ahead with the spinal surgery but you would not have to take this risk until you’ve exhausted nonsurgical therapies. Spinal decompression therapy offers a natural back pain treatment that involves the non-surgical way to treat disc-related problems, improves blood flow through your spine, and gives a promising result.

At MjPhysio we offer spinal decompression to help you overcome your long-term chronic pain even when other common treatments have failed to provide full relief.

Here is what you can expect during treatment and the benefits of back decompression.

What you can expect during back decompresion?

Spinal Decompression Therapy uses the same principles of chiropractors to stretch the spine and provide effective pain relief. The therapy works on gently stretching your spinal column to ease the pressure on the discs that sit between your vertebrae.

Back decompression helps in improving blood flow to your spinal discs that helps in the easy flow of nutrient-rich fluids and oxygen. This eventually helps in cell renewal, tissue repair, and long-term healing.

Spinal decompression works on spinal traction and the main goal is to provide exceptional pain relief and promote an optimal healing environment for many spinal disc conditions like herniated discs, degenerative discs, bulging disc problems, and many more.

  1. Non-invasive natural pain relief

    Often invasive decompression surgery could cause multiple side effects like blood clotting, bleeding, and nerve damage. However, non-invasive treatment like spinal decompression therapy will have very rare cases of any side effects like muscle spasms or minor pain.

  2. Offers a long-term solution

    Back decompression focuses on the source of pain and then treats your pain. At MJPhysio, we examine the source of pain and provide a customized treatment plan for each patient. We ensure to improve the patient’s core strength and posture to avoid recurrence of your pain.

  3. Spinal therapy is gentle and painless

    At MJPhysio, we have a traction table for therapy and the table is designed gently to relieve pain from the desired point by adjusting the angle to get the maximum benefits.

  4. It’s more affordable

    The cost of spinal decompression treatment is less expensive than compared to any other back pain treatment.

  5. Safer than any other prescriptions

    Conventional medicine is gradually moving towards the idea of alternative pain relief treatments due to the devastating pandemics.

Most frequently asked question on Spinal treatment

Although we are professional and certified physical therapists, we understand that some people often feel uneasy about spinal decompression.

  1. Is spinal decompression safe?

    Spinal traction therapy is completely safe and there is no risk of any injury.

  2. Is spinal decompression covered by insurance?

    We can’t comment about any health insurance. However, as a thumb rule, only surgical treatment is covered by health insurance.

  3. Is spinal therapy painful?

    The treatment is designed to ease the pain.

  4. Is there any risk in spinal decompression therapy?

    There are no such risks during the treatment. However, it rarely happens to experience slight muscle spasms.

  5. Can you perform spinal decompression therapy at home?

    It’s not recommended performing spinal decompression at home as it could cause harm to your spice. However, once you start with your therapy sessions at the clinic, with the suggestions of your therapists you can perform the recommended exercises.

Spinal decompression treatment
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