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Importance of Class 4 Laser Therapy in 2020

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Class 4 Laser Therapy reduces pain and inflammation without side-effects. It uses a method called “Photo Bio Modulation” that deals with light, the light enters the affected tissue and triggers resulting in increased cellular metabolism. It decreases pain and inflammation in the affected area.
It may be used for chronic and acute conditions. It is helpful in the treatment of acute conditions, especially if treatment starts just after the injury. For chronic conditions, it is used to reduce pain and inflammation.
Depending on the laser, treatment may have null sensation and can be soothing and warm. Most patients find it useful as the pain decreases considerably. Laser treatments are quick; it takes not more than 15 minutes.
Class 4 laser is 30 times powerful than the clinical or low-level laser. It has high power great potential healing depth/effect. Variables considered in Class IV laser are wavelength, dose, and power.

Health advantages of K-Laser Class 4 therapy:

Many changes occur during K-Laser therapy. First is the light penetrates and relieves pain and inflammation, and speeds up the tissue repairing process. It happens in both hard and soft tissues; it accelerates the repair of ligaments, muscles, and even bones.
The blood flow increases; more red blood cells are allowed to enter the treated area. It results in oxygenation to the targeted tissues. The laser therapy encourages the cytochrome oxidase enzyme, which is found in the cells. It allows damaged cells to be targeted and treated without causing harm to healthy cells.
Primary, Secondary and Tertiary Effects of Class 4 Laser:
The primary response is seen when the photons emitted by laser reach the mitochondria and cell membranes of the cells, it absorbs the energy and converted to chemical kinetic energy. The primary effects are predictable and are produced by phototherapy.
The secondary response leads to the amplification of the previous actions. A series of metabolic effects result in physiological changes that happen in the cell.
The tertiary effects happen far from the cells where secondary events have occurred. The energized cells interact with each other with high levels of growth factors. The tertiary effects cannot be predicted as they rely on intercellular interactions and many environmental variables.
Treatment Dosage:
The dosage is the amount of energy per unit area of tissue surface. The power of a laser implies the rate of energy delivery; it is measured in watts, or milliwatts. Class 4 lasers have output power ranging from 0.5 to 10 watts.
The output of Class IV laser depends on various factors. A deeper target needs a higher power for a sufficient number of photons to reach the target and produce the desired effects of photo bio modulation.
Treatment Modes:
Class 4 laser treatment is delivered with a combination of continuous waves and pulses of many frequencies. The human body adapts and becomes less responsive if steady stimulus is given. Hence, changing the rate of pulsation improves the clinical outcome.
In the pulsed mode, the laser operates at a 50% duty cycle; the frequency of pulsation ranges from 2 to 10,000 times per second. Different frequencies of pulsation produce unique responses to the tissues:
  1. lower frequencies: 2-10 Hz: analgesic effect
  2. mid-range: ~500 Hz: bio stimulatory
  3. pulse frequencies: 2,500 Hz: anti-inflammatory effect
  4. frequencies greater than 5,000 Hz: anti-microbial and anti-fungal
During Class 4 laser treatment, the treatment wand is in motion for the continuous-wave phase and is pressed into the tissues for few seconds during laser pulsation. After the treatment, many patients feel change in their condition.
Basic training is given to the therapists to keep in mind all the points required to keep the patient and themselves safe. It is important to protect the eyes. The treatment should not be performed in an open area.
Frequently Asked Questions
  • Does Class 4 laser therapy hurt?
    The sensation is very little; one feels extreme reduction of pain that existed before the treatment.
  • How frequently should one be treated?
    It depends on the condition of the patient. Acute conditions need daily treatments while the chronic conditions may be treated 2 to 3 times a week.
  • When are the results felt?
    Generally, one feels quite better after the first session itself. Each session has an effect, best results are visible after a minimum of 4 sessions.
Class 4 lasers are an exciting addition to the health care treatment arsenal. The development in Class IV lasers is a representation of the next generation of light therapy. By having more of the primary effects, Class IV lasers help to induce very rapid clinical responses. Progressive health care providers who want to offer the latest technology to their clients can investigate Class IV therapy lasers.
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